A complete range of cabin stores everything from soap to bedding and gallery equipment is available in a variety of ranges, satisfying our most demanding customers' requirements. Major consumable items of the cabin stores are stocked in our warehouse to avoid delay and to supply at competitive rates. We use ISSA, IMPA, Grainger, Farnell, and RS Catalogue.
a) Tableware & Galley Utensils 17 SERIES
Cutlery, Chinaware, Glassware Cups & Jugs, Glass & Stainless Steel Tableware, Bar Utensils & Ice Instruments, Serving Utensils, Cooking Utensils, Roast Pans, Mixing Bowls, Strainers, Kitchen Utensils, Baker & Pastry Utensils, Galley & Table Tools, Storage Containers, Japanese \ Chinese Cooking Utensils, Cabin General Stores, Home Electrical Appliances, Galley Cooking Appliances, Cookers, Steamers & Presses Trays/Bake & Roast Pans, Coffee Pots, Plastic ware, Kitchen Tool, Table Ware, Glass Ware, Diposable cups, Toilet paper rolls, Tissue papers, Laundry Machines, Ice Machines , Electric Kettle, Grinders, Buckets, Wrapping Foil, Garbage Disposers.
b) Clothing / Linen 19 SERIES 
Gloves Cotton, Rubber coated Gloves, Non-Slip dotted Gloves, Winter Gloves, Leather Palm Gloves, Natural Rubber Gloves & Oil/Acid Gloves, Our Safety shoe / Boot range Rubber Boots, Safety Shoes, Safety work Boots, Oil/Acid Resistant Boots & Shoes, Also Available Rain suits with Hood, Boiler suits (Cotton + Polyester) in all colours, Parka Jackets & Refrigerator Coats, Bed sheets, pillow cases, Mattresses. We make special curtains as per order/blind. )
c) Brushes & Mats 51 SERIES
Broom/mop, mop handle, mop bucket, dust bin scrubbing brush, squeegee broom, paint brush, radiator brush, Coir/Vinyl/Lawn Step mats
d) Cleaning Material & Chemicals 55 SERIES 
Air Fresheners, Bleaches, Cleaning Cloth/Mutton Cloth, Sponge, Wiping rags, Cotton Waste, glass cleaner, caustic soda, Sodium Hydroxide, Aerosol Soda Tin, Drain Pipe Cleaner, Washing Detergent, Teepol, Chlorine Tablets, Hand Cream, Paper Product, Wiping Paper, Dispenser, Toilet Roll, Spray Cleaner, Soap, Insect Killers, Rat Bait, Fly Killers, Degreaser, Air Cooler Cleaner, Rust Remover