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Florida’s commitment is in providing to further acknowledge quality services in addition to quality assurance of products.

Our ship supplies divisions are specialized in supply of deck engine cabin bonded stores, fresh, frozen and dry provision. Team of more than 30-experienced person already involved in the trade for the past two decades mans the business. Our representatives are hand selected and trained in all facets of service and supplies We are proud to mention that we have secured a good reputation amongst our a valued clients with our prompt and reliable services.

Florida has adopted the methodology known as “Plan Do-check-Act (PDLA) ” to all the processes.

All stores are checked and labeled prior to delivery to your ships.
• Deck
• Cabin
• Engine
• Provision & Bonded Items
• Electrical
• Spares
• Safety & Nautical Equipments
• Stionary
• Sports & Saloons
• Medicine
• Flower Arrangements & Tailors
• Chemical & Petroleum
• Fabrication & Repair Jobs