Our experience enabled us to provide the highest quality products of engine stores as per your technical specification/ drawing / sample at a very competitive rates. We use both IMPA and ISSA buying guides and can work from all 6 and 7 digit universal ordering standard codes. We can arrange to supply Grainger, Farnell, and RS items
a) Hoses and coupling 35 SERIES
We manufacture special marine hoses for petroleum & chemical fitted with end couplings, Air Hose, Oxygen hose, Acetylene hose, Twin Welding Hose, P.V.C, Water Hose, Air Hose Coupling, Quick –Connect Couplers Plug met, socket with female thread, line coupler, Cam &Groove coupling
b) Power Tools Electric 59 SERIES  
We supply tools of Black & Decker, Dewalt, Unitor
Portable Electrical Drills (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Angle Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Straight Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Hand Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Circular Fans (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Portable Electric Jig Saws (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Portable Rod Cutters (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Blowers (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Scaling Machines (110V + 220V) + Accessories
Electric Chain Hoists
Electric Portable Ventilation Fans (110V + 220V) + Accessories
c) Power Tool Pneumatic 59 SERIES
Pneumatic Impact Wrenches + And its Accessories
Pneumatic Angle Grinders + And its Accessories
Pneumatic Die Grinders
Pneumatic Straight Grinders
Pneumatic Hand Drills
Pneumatic Chipping Hammers + And its Accessories
Pneumatic scaling Hammers + And its Accessories
Pneumatic Deck Scalers + And its Accessories
Pneumatic Jet Chisels + And its Accessories
Explosion Proof Air Saws
Pneumatic Driven Mucking Winches and its Accessories
Tank Cleaning Machines And its Accessories.
High Pressure Spray Cleaners (Jet Cleaners)
Air Turbine Ventilators -
Water Driven Turbine Fans
Air or Steam Driven Turbine Fans
Diaphragm Pumps
Pneumatic Sumps Pumps
Pneumatic Drums Pumps
Pneumatic Chain Hoists
d) Hand Tools 61 SERIES
We import screwdriver, pliers, ring spanner, open ended spanner, pipe cutter, cable cutter, wire strippers, punches, sockets, Allen key, spanner, combination spanner, adjustable wrenches. Grinding wheels, Meter Cloth Sheets, Polishing Sheets, emery cloths, Chain Hoist, chisel, needle files, hammer, mallets, knives and textile scissor, ladder, magnets, Stencils, Letter or Figure Sets, Hose Bands & clamps, lapping Compounds, Platform Trucks & carriers
e) Cutting Tool 63 SERIES
Drills, tap wrenches, reamers, marine tap, dies, screw extractors, drill chucks.
f) Measuring Tools 65 SERIES
caliper, gauges, micrometer, tapes, rulers, Inspection mirror, Vee block, Combination Square, industrial thermometers, pressure gauge, indicator.
g) Metal Sheets & Bars 67 SERIES
Steel channels, S.S. plate, S.S. pipe, Aluminum plate, and aluminum pipe. Iron/copper Wires, Gratings, Gauze Wire
h) Screws & Nuts 69 SERIES
High tensile bolt, high textile screw, stud bolt, eyebolt, woodscrews, nuts, washers, split pins, blind rivets. Pipe & Tube Fitting - elbows, tees, sockets, hexagon nipples, union, PVC plastic pipe, hutting for drain (reducing tees)
i) Pipes & Tubes 71 SERIES
We hold Mild Steel Sch 40 + Sch 80 seamless pipes upto 14”. Hydraulic Mild Steel Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Carbon Steel Precision tubes, S.S Pipes, S.S Seamless Tubes ,
j) Pipes & Tubes Fittings 73 SERIES
Cast Iron / PVC /Stainless Steel /Brass Pipe fittings, Elbows, Nipples, Tees, Sockets, Reducing Sockets, Hexagon Bushings, Square head plugs, Union, Short + Long nipples, Flanges, Rubber Expansion Joints Tees, etc. In addition we also hold pipe coupling + joints.
k) Valves & Cocks 75 SERIES 
We are manufacturers, importers and exporters of valves for specialized fields such as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Petrochemical, Power, Marine and General Industry. All the valves are manufactured to API STD, BS and tested to API Std. 598.

Gate valves (cast, iron, and bronze.) Globe valve, diaphragm valve, (cast, iron, bronze), needle valve, check valve, locks, gland locks, ball valves, flanges, strainers, (S.S, Cast iron), expansion joint, reducing valve, safety valve, and meter, Y-Strainers
l) Bearing 77 SERIES
Single Row Radial, Double Row Self Aligning, Single Row Separable, Cylindrical Roller Bearing
m) Packing & Jointing 81 SERIES
Asbestos fiber, pilot jointing, gasket, worn asbestos fiber, jointing, gland packing ace, veering, pump packing, sealants, packing tools, flexible exactor, gasket cutter, cutting knife, ring packing cutter, pipe jointing (compound, sealants, repair product)-(cardobond products-putty, repair kit, wet surface putty, anti-corrosive tape.) Epoxy compound, loctite, adhesive (thread lockers, thisttebond product), Rubber O ring kit, Copper washer set ,O ring splicing Kit
n) Welding & refrigerants Equipments 85 SERIES
Gas welding, little nozzle, blowpipe, regulator, acetylene gauges, welding goggles, gas igniter, fluxes, gas rods, cable connector, face should, refrigerants. Tig welding