Stationary 47 SERIES: 
Note Books, All type of Files, Clip Boards, Envelopes, Pencils, all types Pens, Marker Pens, Chalks, Erasers, Correction Fluid, Paper Knives, Scissors, Handy Cutters, Glue, Staplers, Clips, Tacks, Dymo label Machine & Tapes, Tape Dispensers, Calculator, Adhesive and Tapes, Self Adhesive Labels.   We also do computer assembling, installation of software and Hardware.
a) Office Furniture
Table, Chairs, Cupboards,
b) Digital Cameras
c) Computer \ Printer & Stationery
Printer Tapes, CD’s, CD Writer, Pen Drive, CD Drive, Memory Cards, Mouse, Keyboards, LAN Cards, Modems, Cables, Scanners.