Provision & Bonded items
Ship supplies division are specialized in supply of fresh, frozen and dry provision, meet from Florida’s best quality producers, fish straight from fisherman fruits and vegetables from our farmers and dry bonded stores from local and imported sources.   
Our experience of 50 years has enabled us to provide good packing allowing delivery of your provisions order in prime condition. Following is a selection of categories from our extensive provision list.
Fresh/Frozen Vegetables Syrup Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer
Fresh/Frozen Fruits Coffee, Cocoa, Tea Sauce and Gravy, Sauce Mix
Fresh/Frozen Fish Pasta and Noodle Seasoning and Flavor, Bouillon
Fish (Salted, Dried, Smoked) Cereals Pickles, Western & Oriental
Shell Fish/Molluscus Grains, Cake Mix Bonded Meats (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cured)
Meat & Meat Products, Domestic Salt and Sugar Bonded Meat Products      (Ham, Bacon, Sausage)
Bread/Cake/Pastry Food Color, Essence Bonded Tinned Meat     (Stabburet & Others)
Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream Pudding, Gelatin Bonded Tinned Fish      (Stabburet & Others)
Butter, Cheese Domestic Dressing and Vinegar Bonded Fish Frozen
Oil and Fat Spices and Herbs Bonded Dairy Products
Tinned Vegetables/Fruits/Fish/Meat Soup Powder Bonded Grains & Miscellaneous
Beans and Peas, Dry Soy Bean Products Frozen Convenience Foods
Fruits and Nuts, Dry Jam and Marmalade Juice
Bonded items : Wines, Cigarettes, Beer, Whisky, Soft drinks cans, Mineral water,
Sweets /Snacks : Sweets, Wafers & Farsans, Cakes, Pastries, Bread, Pizzas, Donuts, and Croissants
Pastries /Cakes / Bread : Brown & whole meal bread , Buns Veg & Non Veg , Rolls Veg & Non Veg , Donuts , Croissants Veg & Non Veg , Chocolate / Pineapple / Walnut / Plum Cakes , Pizza .